Human Resources & Professional Development 

Whether you have one employee or one thousand, your business is impacted by a myriad of human resources issues and opportunities. Some of these include attracting, retaining, and developing talent for the success of the organization to stay ahead of a rapidly evolving global society. The Human Resources & Professional Development Committee works to remain ahead of the curve of these complex matters that highly impact all businesses. The HR & Professional Development Committee is dedicated to keeping track of trends and solutions that keep the Chamber’s membership on the leading edge of innovation in talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development. 

The Human Resources & Professional Development  Committee supports, educates, and trains  Chamber members with HR and professional development expertise --  support, regardless of the organization’s size or structure. The committee provides a forum for networking, information exchange, and inspiring discussion around relevant HR issues.



  • To present seminars on cutting-edge, employment-related issues and advocate on behalf of human resources causes of interest to the business community
  • Partner with GMCC committees to leverage expertise of varying degrees of HR knowledge and legal expertise, discussing issues relevant to the local community
  • Add value to the GMCC membership while enhancing the Chamber’s brand through delivery of quality service and programming      


Committee Membership
Participation in the Human Resources and Professional Development Committee is open to all Greater Miami Chamber members. Members include businesses and organizations with strong HR leadership, organizations with no HR support whatsoever, business professionals, and key stakeholders in the human resources and employee professional development arena.

The Human Resources and Professional Development Committee is led by a Committee Chair and Vice Chair, who are elected by the Board of Directors for a one-year term.  The Committee Chair is responsible for the effective functioning of the Human Resources and Professional Development Committee and ensuring its goals and activities are aligned with the committee’s mission and objectives. 


Tammy Davidson


Tammy M. Davidson
EVP Client Services, Florida/Caribbean
Right Management

Aaron Tandy

Vice Chair

Aaron Tandy
Pathman Schermer Tandy, LLC

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