HR Legal Issues Webinar Part 2: Talent Management 

The Webinar was held on June 13, 2024

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Experts discussed:

Key Takeaway 1: The Importance of Culture in a Winning Work Environment

Culture is integral to creating a successful work environment, acting as the "seasoning" that gives an organization its unique flavor. This flavor is driven by values, mission, and behavioral competencies. By embedding these elements into people processes, organizations can attract, retain, and develop talent more effectively. One approach includes a competency framework to assess not just what employees do, but how they do it, ensuring alignment with organizational values.

Key Takeaway 2: The Role of Leadership in Shaping Culture

Leadership plays a critical role in establishing and maintaining a strong organizational culture. Storytelling and community service are key components that foster a sense of belonging and commitment. Leaders engage with employees through regular meetings and communication initiatives, reinforcing the company’s values and goals. This approach helps to create a powerful and optimistic culture that can weather challenges and drive success.

Key Takeaway 3: The Impact of Hybrid Work on Organizational Culture

The shift to hybrid work environments has presented both challenges and benefits. Initially, remote work was necessary due to the pandemic, but there has been a focus on bringing employees back to the office to revive collaborative and innovative culture. Listening sessions and development initiatives have been crucial in addressing employee needs and maintaining engagement. Emphasizing shared values and connection between different parts of the organization ensures a cohesive culture that supports both remote and in-office environments.

We were joined by:

- Angie Brainard, Executive Vice President Talent Management, Right Management

- Kristen Kehde, Manager of Learning and Development, FPL

- Karina Mesa, Associate Vice President Human Resources, Royal Caribbean Group

- Pedro Garcia, Director of Learning and Organizational Development, AvMed


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In summary, These takeaways highlight the significance of intentional culture-building practices, the essential role of leadership, and the adaptability required to sustain a positive organizational culture in varying work settings.

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