The health club industry benefited from many innovative businesses at the onset of the 21st century, and since 2008, it’s welcomed YouFit in a big way.

Breaking the status-quo set by niche gyms, Rick Berks founded YouFit with the purpose of offering an affordable fitness hub for enthusiasts and everyday people alike. And in recent years, citizens of Miami have been celebrating the success of YouFit, which is growing pound-for-pound as they continue to expand their presence with the recent opening of a brand new facility in Miami Gardens.

“YouFit is fitness-oriented, not body-building oriented,” says Berks, “but fitness enthusiasts like us because we’re well-equipped.” This refreshed perspective of fitness invigorates people of all stages of physical health to join his gym. But at the center of this perspective is a passion for fitness.

Berks worked all positions during his formative years as a gym owner. He was a janitor, front-desk receptionist, and CEO at the same time. The bar is unprecedented, yet employees at YouFit emulate the same passion by which Berks operates the health club.

Upholding passion and quality facilitated YouFit’s expansion across the U.S. Originally founded in Florida, YouFit now has more than 100 locations strategically located in cities from Rhode Island to California. The manifest destiny of YouFit still reaches new frontiers.

YouFit is currently expanding into new locations throughout South Florida; one location that is certain is within Miami Gardens. To accommodate for their rising popularity in Miami’s communities, their new facilities will range from 25,000 to 35,000 sq ft. At most it is a 10,000 sq ft increase in size from their previous facilities. They’ll be flexing their muscles with the amount of people coming into these new facilities.

Their new locations will be featured by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce in their revamped website which will be live within in the following months. YouFit aims to impact the communities into which they expand by promoting a healthy living style for all people.

In working with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, they are stepping in the right direction towards a better tomorrow for the citizens of Miami.

The invariable climb of YouFit in the casual fitness scene parallels its relevance in the professional fitness platform. It is unbound by the body-building soul that pervaded so many gyms of the 90s, and invites the general population to participate in the notion of their uncut title, “You Fit In.”

Founder Rick Berks has no inclination to halt his enthusiasm for YouFit and its welcoming atmosphere: “the public, in places where we are, engage in what we’re doing, and because of that we will keep doing it.”

Berks opened the first Youfit Health Club in St. Petersburg, Fla., on April 1, 2008. Almost immediately, business took off because, he says “Regular people and fitness enthusiasts alike love the low-cost, member-friendly atmosphere and simple structure at all our Youfit locations.” Now, Berks is the owner of over 100 Youfit locations and plans to continue expanding the brand within the coming years.

The Miami Gardens location offers brand new weight training equipment and offer a ton of amenities like childcare, YouGX, and SilverSneakers. Like all of locations, YouFit Miami-27th Ave. offers free fitness assessment with certified YouCoaches to determine each client’s current fitness level and to develop a workout plan so they may reach their fitness goals.

YouFit Miami Gardens is located at 19400 NW 27th Ave., Miami Gardens, FL 33056 (next to Badcock Furniture). Call 786-453-8884 or visit

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