TAMPA, Fla., April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Preparing Florida to grow, diversify, and strengthen its economy for resilience against the kind of turbulent periods that marked the first two decades of the 21st century, the Florida Council of 100 today announced the release of its eagerly awaited Project Sunrise report. The detailed economic study provides a comprehensive dive into the opportunities and challenges facing Florida leaders in the decades ahead. 

Even as Florida continues to ascend from the Great Recession as an economic powerhouse and a leader in quality of life and economic productivity, the report finds that the state must improve its advantageous "tradeable sectors" — those that sell goods or services that can be easily exported. Project Sunrise identifies six key strategic goals, with 20 policy options and 90 suggested initiatives for achieving these goals.

FC100 has been a leading nonpartisan organization of business and civic leaders for almost 60 years. Project Sunrise is a present-day policy framework, providing a starting point for policymakers to ultimately lead Florida to optimal economic performance, said FC100 Chair Chris Corr.

"Given Florida's maturity as a worldwide economic powerhouse in recent years, we have a unique opportunity to lead and chart a path to help Florida become that 'It' State — the place where dynamic and exciting innovations lead the way," said Corr. "Simply put, the policy ways of the past are not necessarily adequate for present-day Florida. Project Sunrise is intended to provoke this point to create a better path forward."

The report notes that the efforts of government agencies, top business leaders, and local nonprofit organizations have made Florida one of the most economically competitive states and a global powerhouse. It says improving Florida'seconomic output and business climate requires a comprehensive and integrated policy approach combining multiple areas of influence that often are siloed by traditional economic development strategy. Project Sunrise attempts to break down these walls and integrate all of the considerations critical to the quality of life – including business climate, tax, regulatory, environmental, infrastructure, education, health, livability, and more.

The mission ahead is to follow the strategies to transform the state's economy into one that excels. Specific policy initiatives identified in the study include:

  • Retain and engage Florida's top talent through retention incentives
  • Aggressively promote Florida's identity globally as a hemispheric hub for trade and investment
  • Reorganize and rebrand Enterprise Florida Inc. to pursue a more focused mandate
  • Make targeted infrastructure investments to catalyze certain regions and/or sectors

The report includes regional assessments, highlighting strengths and opportunities for several of Florida's major economic hubs. Project Sunrise can be downloaded at https://fp100.clubexpress.com/docs.ashx?id=482084.

About the Florida Council of 100 
Formed in 1961, the Florida Council of 100 is an organization of business, civic, and academic leaders that exists to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of all Floridians through the relentless pursuit of better, business-driven public policy.

SOURCE Florida Council of 100

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