GMCC Resilience Blueprint Resource Guide

The longest-serving business organization in South Florida (117 years) the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has been the champion for the business community. Our Chamber boasts over 900-member businesses representing more than 400,000-member company employees. Our program of work supports economic development and business issues ranging from regional infrastructure and business development, international business development, leadership programs and governmental affairs. This organization has been in existence since 1907 and has continually revamped itself to maintain its relevance in our ever-changing marketplace.

The Greater Miami Business Resilience Blueprint is your comprehensive resource for business continuity in Miami-Dade County. Crafted by the Resilience Committee, this guide was designed to bolster your business's ability to navigate various challenges, including hurricanes, flooding, pandemics, and more.

Our Commitment to Resilience:

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has been a steadfast advocate and resource for the local business community during times of crisis. We advocate, educate, and offer resources and support to ensure your business survives and thrives, even in adversity.
Resilience is one of the four priority areas of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Within Miami-Dade County, the environment is our business and economy. We believe in finding resilient solutions, and relying on climate technology, to mitigate the environmental threats posed by rising sea levels and severe weather as a priority of the business community.


Every business needs to have a continuity plan which anticipates maintaining critical business functions during and after a disaster. Through our Greater Miami Business Resilience Blueprint, you will find resources and tools to help your business prepare for any challenge you may face.


Business Resilience Blueprint Resource Guide 

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