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Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

December 21, 2022

The Irish Consulate aims to expand Irish presence in America catering to Miami as the trade nexus

Miami is the key to unlocking better Irish connections in North, Central, and South America

Miami, Dec 21, 2022. The Irish Consulate aims to expand its presence in the United States catering initially in Miami, then expanding operations to Alabama, and Mississippi, to continue into the Caribbean to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. 

“For us opening up the European market more and bringing the businesses down here from different parts of Europe is extremely important,” said Alfred Sanchez, President and Chief Executive Officer, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Miami is the largest passenger port in the world, one of America’s busiest cargo centers, a booming tech hub, and a trade nexus linking North, Central, and South America.

“This is a great time for Ireland, for Irish companies to come over here, share the expertise, share the learning and establish their companies in Miami, and open them to the whole Latin America and Caribbean regions,” said Sara Kavanagh, Consul General of Ireland in Miami. 

About The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is the proud champion for the Greater Miami Business Community and a civic engine that fuels the advancement of The Magic City. Founded in 1907 as the Miami Board of Trade, today’s Chamber boasts representing more than 400,000-member company employees and is heralded for its legacy of leadership in economic development, and its unwavering commitment to improving the Miami-Dade community.

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