HR Webinar Series: What It Takes to Be at the Table Part 1

The first of our two-part HR webinar series happened on Oct 13, 2022. Experts discussed the following:

- Explained the key responsibilities and expectations of an HR manager to further achieve organizational goals.

- Defined HR as a profession.

- Identified ways of measuring effectiveness and reducing regrettable turnover.

- Provided a brief explanation of how COVID-19 impacted the field of HR. The second part of the HR webinar series will be dedicated in its entirety to this topic.


We were joined by:

Pilar Proctor, Co-Founder, HR Strategic Advisor at Proctor Global Management Services, Inc.

Ken Finneran, Vice-President of Human Resources at EMED

Zed Condorousis, Chief Human Resources Officer at Boucher Brothers Management, Inc.

Guillermo Villa, Head of Global Total Rewards, Expertise in Global Total Rewards, ACI Worldwide.


Some of the questions raised by the attendees were the following:

- Are there standard ways to calculate turnover?

- How do you track regrettable turnover?

- Because most organizations today suffer from high turnover, especially with great resignation, what other ways do you measure retention and attrition and show metrics where overall turnover is not representative of reality today?

- How has COVID-19 impacted HR?



Top Investors

Baptist Health South Florida
CareerSource South Florida
Carlton Fields
Florida Power & Light
TD Bank
University of Miami
Wells Fargo