Greater Miami-Dade County Workforce Housing Resource Guide

The mission of the Greater Miami Chamber’s Workforce Housing Committee is to find solutions to the high-cost and low-availability of housing in South Florida. Partnering with nonprofit organizations, banks, businesses, universities and government, the Committee works to find ways to secure affordable, workforce housing through advocacy and creative problem-solving.

With this objective in mind, the Committee has prepared this guide which seeks to identify current available resources to support the development and creation of workforce housing units.  The guide is intended to be a dynamic document that can be updated as additional resources are identified or come online.  This guide will also serve as a road map to identify areas where the Chamber’s resources can be leveraged to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of said resources.

Workforce housing is defined as housing that is affordable for families whose incomes are within 60 to 140 percent of Miami-Dade County’s area median income as reported by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and adjusted to family size (as of 2021, $42,600 to $99,400, respectively, for a family of four). Miami-Dade County - Definition of Workforce Housing

Although this guide seeks to focus on resources primarily supporting workforce housing, invariably many of these resources will also help what is traditionally defined as “affordable housing,” which is the income tier just below the workforce housing definition described above.  And while this distinction may be important in properly cataloguing available resources, at the end of day, the goal of this committee is to secure affordable housing units for all low to moderate income segments of our community. 


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