Swiftdox Supports Climate Change Initiatives

One ream of paper produces 27-29 kilograms of carbon emissions; a single one-pound overnight envelope between China and California produces roughly 1.5 kilograms. Each year, global exporters expend these resources millions of times over to ensure their products can move freely around the world. Until now, it’s been a necessary part of doing business. Swiftdox Solutions, a digital trade certification system, eliminates the need for physical documentation which can help world leaders reduce their carbon footprint. 
Sam Samya, creator of Swiftdox says, “We applaud the U.S. Government on its recent, historic climate change legislation. Our product will help global governments reach Paris Accord greenhouse goals.” He added, “Physical documents must be printed multiple times, mailed internationally, and are often lost. On the backend, all these documents end up in landfills, and we have eliminated that, too.” 

Exporters log on to the portal and apply for necessary trade documentation, remotely from anywhere in the world. Once approved, certificates are secured via blockchain technology so they cannot be altered or forged. The Swiftdox solution is the only North American platform that provides built-in legalization/apostille options. 

Swiftdox is currently being used by multiple institutions certified by the International Chamber of Commerce. Liane Ventura, Senior Vice President, International Business at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, added, “The Swiftdox solution is a win-win. Chamber members and clients save money and man hours, while helping mitigate climate change.”   

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