The Role of HR in Learning and Development Strategy

The Mental Health and Burnout Webinar was held on December 15, 2022. 

Experts discussed:

Designing purpose driven career paths

Reshaping the workplace to leverage Artificial Intelligence

Gravitating back to the basics post COVID-19

Women Leadership in the Workplace

Organizational equity and opportunity advancement

Return on investment and expectations.

Engagement and Retention

- Upscaling Leaders with training and coaching

- Sharing inclusivity through all programs

- Engaging teams and understanding what drives your employees

- Connecting the employees and stake holder into the core and mission of your organization

- Investing in the future of your prospects through education

We were joined by:

- Tammy Davidson, Executive Vice President Client Services

- Angie Brainard, Executive Vice President Talent Solutions Right Management

- Eran Arbel, Assistant Director Talent Acquisition and Management, Florida International University

- Lloyd Braithwaite, Assistant Vice President Learning and Organizational Development, Jackson Health System

- Ying-Wei Huang, Vice president, Corporate Talent Management, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings LTD


- Silver Sponsor: South Florida Commuter Services

- Bronze Sponsor: Broward International University

Key questions raised at the webinar:

- How do you attract people to your organization?

- What are the types of activities that are happening in your organization that help drive engagement?

- What initiatives do you have in place to support your female workforce advance and move up the leadership ladder?

- How do you make all your learning experiences accessible? Are you providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities?

- How do you measure the return on investment for your learning and development programs?


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