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All of our efforts, directly and indirectly are intended to address the most serious issue our community and all of South Florida, along with coastal regions around the world face: Sea Level Rise.  The science is indisputable – the sea is rising and will continue to over the coming decades.  Within 30 years we will very likely experience sea level rise of a foot or more and by the end of the century a rise of five feet or more is predicted.  This would be devastating to South Florida and would displace millions for people, jeopardize water supplies and have a potentially catastrophic impact on our economy.  This impact will obviously not be limited to our region but will be global in scope and scale.
We need to act on multiple fronts now to slow and limit any future sea level rise. 
  • We must increase our efforts to educate and convince our leaders in all sectors that this issue is real, it is imminent, it is extremely serious and it presents us with an opportunity to engage in a unique and unified manner to protect our community for future generations.  We can only do this through collaboration between business leaders, government, the not-for-profit sector and academia. 
  • We must protect our built infrastructure, both existing and future.
  • We must undertake all viable ways to contribute to global efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We must aggressively and unhesitatingly promote all efforts to prevent salt water intrusion and to protect our fresh water supply.
  • We must continue to be responsible stewards of the precious environmental resources that literally surround and, in fact, protect us.


Promote collaboration among leaders in business, government, academia and the not-for-profit sectors in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in efforts to recognize the realities of sea level rise and to work together on definitive, actionable steps to address the issue across South Florida.
  • Organize a day-long Resiliency Tour of Miami with diverse stakeholder group
  • Communicate and support recommendations of Miami-Dade County’s GreenPrint and Sea Level Rise Task Force, the South Florida Regional Climate Compact and help promote the 100 Resilient City designation by Rockefeller Foundation and the green economy and carbon footprint reduction goals of Resilient Miami funded by the Kresge Foundation
Advocate with state, county and local governments for collaboratively developed measures to adapt existing public infrastructure to projected long-term sea level rise and to better prepare for an expected increase in extreme weather and associated tidal flooding due to global warming, and to modify building codes and incentivize developers to build structures with a recognition of forecasted sea level rise.
Promote and advocate efforts in the business community and in county government to reduce our carbon footprint on a local level, including supporting sustainable transportation solutions, working with local energy providers to reduce carbon emissions, supporting efforts to increase the use of renewable energy sources and supporting the creation of a local green economy by including strategies in One Community One Goal:
  • Craft a white paper on the business of climate change for the purposes of educating the business community
Continue to support and encourage the efforts of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department to aggressively address required infrastructure improvements that are resilient and innovative to both the water and wastewater treatment and distribution systems and advocate for all efforts to protect our water supply from salt water intrusion.
Support continued funding for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, including all Miami-Dade projects and support efforts and funding targeted at protecting Biscayne Bay, and help increase community awareness of the need for these environmental projects to be properly funded and implemented by the state and federal government.


Resource Information

Resilient Greater Miami & the Beaches: Community Questionnaire
Resilient Greater Miami & the Beaches is a collaboration formed in 2016 by Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami Beach and the City of Miami to respond to the region's challenges: urbanization, globalization and climate change, among others. After a competitive process, Greater Miami & the Beaches was selected to join the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities program and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce proudly serves as a member of the Resilient Greater Miami & the Beaches Steering Committee.
How can you help? To understand the full range of challenges Greater Miami & the Beaches is facing, we need your input about the factors that threaten our community’s resilience, including our ability to prepare, survive and adapt to whatever challenges we may face. Your input will directly inform the priority issues that Greater Miami & the Beaches’ resilience-building focuses on. We ask that you take 10 minutes to answer this questionnaire. The questionnaire is anonymous (unless you choose to provide your contact information). Please respond by March 31, 2017.