International Initiatives

C.L. Conroy
The Conroy Martinez Group

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Position the Chamber to become a world class leader in the international arena through a publicized, well attended International Summit.
Further engage the international business community:
·         Specifically reaching out to the 500+ multinational corporations in Miami- Dade County by inviting them to participate as keynote speakers and panelists 
·         Creating constant communications with this target market through a steady information flow regarding the Summit, i.e., looking for sponsors, looking for speakers, mark your calendar announcements, etc.
·         Sending them membership information and visiting them whenever possible
·         Increasing sponsorships of the International Summit over last year
·         Increasing new memberships over last year for the Chamber
Increase the Chamber brand to the International community:
·         Through publicity of the international Summit
·         Through networking with local international groups and at other international functions (via World City Global Connections, World City CEO Club, multinational events, bi-national chambers of commerce)
Ensure that the chamber’s multinational corporation list is updated via research using interns from the universities.