Americas Linkage

Brian Fonseca
Director, Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy; Adjunct Professor, Department of Politics and International Relations and the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center; and Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs
Florida International University

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Conduct a survey among Chamber members that will pulse the global markets/sectors that members are most interested in pursuing in order to ensure that we are delivering programming aligned to member interest:

  • Leverage survey to strengthen bridge between the International Business Group and members as well as other relevant committees
  • Host a findings webinar/event to release the results and promote the International Business Group


Plan and execute at least three to four trade missions:

  • Execute trade mission to Spain the first week of October
  • Explore trade missions to China (spring 2017) and Cuba, and other rich markets such as India and Argentina
  • Assess the international markets survey against our planned missions
  • Strengthen bridge to India, as another strategic international market 
  • Promote a special Chamber membership to international organizations during this year’s trade missions
  • Incorporate students from local universities into the trade missions program


Host at least three to four international market seminars:

  • Host seminars that will educate members about the markets that the Chamber will pursue