2021 State Legislative Platform

COVID-19 Liability Protection

  • Protect regulation-following businesses weathering COVID-19 from those looking for moneymaking opportunities. – Support HB 7 (McClure)/SB 72 (Brandes)



  • Create sea-level rise adaptation solutions which protect Florida’s businesses and homes and grow our economy. – Support HB 315 (LaMarca)/SB 514 (Rodrigues); HB 7019 (Busatta Cabrerra)/SB 1954 (Rodrigues)



  • Continue the Funding Compression and Hold Harmless Allocation formula established during the 2020 legislative session to address inequities of the current District Cost Differential calculation.

  • Support state funding for a high-quality, full-day Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) program. – Support HB 419 (Grall)/SB 1282 (Harrell)


Workforce Development

  • Streamline occupational license attainment to increase jobs & reduce costly regulation. – Support SB 344 (Diaz)/HB 471 (Rizo)



  • Support policies and funding that expand transit and mobility options for South Florida residents.\


Workforce Housing

  • Fully-fund the State Housing and Local Government Housing trust funds. – Support HB 13 (Killebrew)/SB 510 (Hooper)


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Top Investors

Baptist Health South Florida
CareerSource South Florida
Carlton Fields
Florida Power & Light
TD Bank
University of Miami
Wells Fargo