2020 State Legislative Platform


  • Ensure that the district cost differential (DCD) properly accounts for the high cost of living in South Florida and empowers our school district to recruit and retain top talent.

  • Increase investment in our attainment outcomes by increasing teacher salaries.

  • Support state funding for a high-quality, full-day Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) program.

  • Invest in our future workforce by improving attainment outcomes for our students – Support HB 187 (Zika).


Workforce Development

  • Streamline occupational license attainment to increase jobs & reduce costly regulation. – Support HB 707 (Renner)/SB 1124 (Diaz)

  • Create a Florida Business and Workforce Competitiveness Fund to assist existing businesses in meeting the demands of the everadvancing marketplace and assist job seekers obtain gainful employment.



  • Support policies and funding that expand transit and mobility options for South Florida residents.


Workforce Housing

  • Fully-fund the State Housing and Local Government Housing trust funds. – Support HB 381 (Silvers)/SB 306 (Mayfield)

  • Allow local governments to waive impact fees for supportive housing by nonprofit, community-based organizations, whose government funding threshold is 75% or greater.



  • Protect South Florida’s economy through greater investment in the Everglades, water quality and sea level rise. – Support Governor’s Environmental Budget Recommendations



  • Prohibit any state authority from suspending or revoking a professional license based solely on the licensee being delinquent on a payment of or defaulting on his or her student loan. – Support HB 115 (Duran)/SB 356 (Hutson)

  • Continue investment in the Road to Recovery program.


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Top Investors

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